The IRONMAN Foundation - Newton Running Ambassador Triathlon Team

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Everyone on the Team will receive a custom triathlon team uniform. Each kit will include 4 pieces; Tri Tank, Tri Shorts, Cycling Jersey and Cycling Shorts. Please indicate the size you prefer.


Tri Tank

Tri Shorts

Cycling Jersey

Cycling Shorts

Warm-Up Jacket

Polo Shirt

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Newton Running Shoes Size

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How Did You Get Involved In The Sport Of Triathlon?

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Tentative/Confirmed 2013 Race Schedule [Please list ALL tentative and confirmed races for your 2013 race schedule. The races can include sprint distance triathlons, Olympic distance triathlons, IRONMAN 70.3, IRONMAN, other triathlon races, Xterra races, running events, etc.]

Community Involvement [Since the mission of the IRONMAN Foundation is to provide support to non-profit organizations within communities where IRONMAN events are held, being involved in your community is imperative to the IRONMAN Foundation in order to leave your own legacy behind. Briefly describe your involvement in the community you live in as well as well as the athletic community. ]

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What are you looking forward to most when becoming an ambassador for IRONMAN Foundation and Newton Running?

Personal Statement [Please share why [IRONMAN Foundation - Newton Running Ambassador Triathlon Team] is the perfect fit for you. Specifically tell us why we should pick you. Incorporate your history and involvement in the sport of triathlon, your interest in IRONMAN, and your goals for the future. If you have an inspirational story, tell it! Include any other related clinics, press or services related to triathlon.

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